Summer 2021 Math Practice for LCMA Students

First and Last Name: ___________________________________
Grade during the 21-22 School Year: _______
Math Teacher during the 20-21 School Year: ________________________________

Dear LCMA Families,

Summer is here and the LCMA Staff hope our students have time for relaxing, reading, exploring and rejuvenating! We also want to provide students an opportunity to stay engaged in mathematics over the summer and reinforce the necessary skills for the upcoming school year. With the circumstances of the past two school years, we are going “back to basics” to make sure everyone has the necessary skills for success. The recommended summer math practice is the same for all students except those who will be in the high school Geometry course. The pathway is adaptable and will change based upon the needs of each student.

See below for directions and email if you have any questions.

Best Wishes,

LCMA Math Department

Directions for accessing your summer work:

1. Go to and scroll to find the link titled “class link for students.”

2. When prompted to login, use your username and password from last year (your mypolkschools login).

3. Click on the icon for “Algebra/Math Nation.”

4. If asked, click on “log on with active directory.”

5. Once on the MathNation website, click the drop down arrow in the upper left part of the page. Select “On Ramp to 6 th Grade” (yes…even if you are going into 7th or 8th grade).

 You will be directed the the On Ramp page for 6th grade.

6. Scroll to see the bottom right part of the page and click on “start up.” Answer the questions when prompted and then an individulized pathway will be created for you.

7. Notice the horizontal bar at the top of the webpage (see below). It will be highlighted all the way through “5” when you are finished. Your work will be found by clicking, “Let’s Go!” in the “UP NEXT:” box.

8. You now will be led to a short video. After viewing the video, click “next” to go to questions on the topic. It is possible that you will have very few topics to cover after taking the initial quiz. You may find out that you have nothing to do but print or take a screen shot of your certificate. Awesome, if that is the case for you! Other students will have numerous lessons to review which is why it is highly recommended to begin this process at the beginning of the summer to see your personal status.

9. After getting your certificate for the 6th grade on-ramp. You will start back at step #5 in these directions only click the “On Ramp to Algebra” link this time. Answer the “Start Up” questions and begin the process again by clicking “Let’s Go” in the “UP NEXT” box. The goal is to get as far as you can during the summer. If you end up placed in Algebra next year, this is one of your first grades for the year. Doing it over the summer will save you a lot of time once the school year begins.

10. Be sure to either print or take a screen shot of your certificates to bring to your math teacher next school year